Industry application

Thermoelectric products are widely used in commercial buildings, as shown below
                       Zero energy consumption of commercial building air conditioning
In the above figure, the solar heat collector combined with wet plate and the plate type energy converter, the solar conversion efficiency of up to 20%. In the cold winter, in addition to power generation, can also be part of the heating; in the hot summer, the deep cold water out of the ground source heat pump, air conditioning provides most indoor, another part of the cold air from the semiconductor air conditioner. At the same time, water away from the indoor heat load and heat load of the semiconductor air conditioning end, back up the deep heat storage. In winter, the heat of the well provides most of the room heating, and the air is stored in deep wells.
On the one hand, rely on the earth's heat storage and heat dissipation function; on the other hand, rely on efficient thermoelectric products to provide a comfortable environment. Achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
In high-grade office buildings, hotels, government agencies, etc., have to consider the effect of energy conservation. Thermoelectric energy-saving scheme rack Technology Engineering Co. Ltd specializing in building, walk in the forefront of science and technology in energy saving technology Chinese thermoelectric technology and building on.