Industry application

Iron and steel plant is a large energy consumption, energy consumption of many varieties, but also the two energy, but also a variety of power consumption, each link closely linked to form a complex energy system. Its energy utilization in 30%~40%, there are a lot of energy can not be fully utilized. As the energy consumption of fuel based, so the vast majority of energy can exist in the form of.

Main waste heat resource of iron and steel plant

As can be seen from the above table, iron and steel plant waste heat resources are very rich, but the temperature is high, the cost of waste heat recovery equipment is very high. Iron and steel plant waste heat recovery device as shown below.

Main waste heat recovery device for iron and steel works

As a result, in the steel plant, the waste heat of flue gas is used more, and other waste heat resources are less. The research and development of waste heat recovery device - plate thermoelectric generator is expected to make up for the use of other waste heat resources. Plate type thermoelectric generator is a kind of waste heat recovery device which uses low temperature liquid to generate electricity efficiently. All the hot water in the iron and steel works can be installed to recover energy.

Utilization of waste heat in iron and steel plant
As can be seen in the above figure, a number of links will produce a lot of hot water, the specific heat of water is very large, is a good heat storage and transport of substances. My company's waste heat equipment - plate thermoelectric generator can be used in a large number of low temperature links.