Industry application

Semiconductor thermoelectric is widely used in aerospace field.

Isotope thermoelectric generator
Radioisotope thermoelectric generator is a radioactive decay heat based on the Seebeck effect is directly converted into electrical energy dense a high viability of energy, is the surface of the moon and deep space exploration and remote areas with the best power available.

                Mars rescue film (film)

The United States Navy is the largest user of marine isotope thermoelectric generators. The utility model is used for the detection of the ocean field, such as the buoy, the lifesaving device, the underwater ecosystem and the navigation, the global positioning auxiliary equipment, etc.. Isotope thermoelectric generators are also used in unmanned weather stations, installed in the Arctic and other harsh environments.
The orbiter solar thermoelectric generator power system of the earth or other planets in outer space orbiter using solar thermoelectric generator, compared with silicon photovoltaic solar power, solar thermoelectric generator system has stronger ability of anti radiation injury. When the aircraft does not turn to the sunny side, used as a heat source, the planet's surface diffuse reflection energy in outer space radiation as a cold source.

Outer space solar thermoelectric generator system