■ Thermoelectric core
         TEG-72 Thermoelectric chip
         TEG-128 Thermoelectric chip
         TEG-256 Thermoelectric chip
         TTF thermoelectric thin film
■ Plate thermoelectric generator
        PTG1 Plate energy converter
         PTG2 Plate energy converter
         PTG5 Plate energy converter
■ Solar energy heat collector
        STEP1 Solar heat collection composite dry type power generation board
         STEP2 Solar composite composite wet power generator
         STEP5 Solar flat plate collector
■ Micro power supply
        EHA-PA Heat dissipation type micro power supply
         EHA-WW Water micro power supply
         EHA-WA Water vapor micro power supply
■ Industry application
       Automotive Applications
        Bio Medical
        Industrial applications
        Telecommunication applications
        Commercial application
        Petroleum, natural gas and mining
        Defense, space and photonics applications
■ Thermoelectric power station
 Thermal Power Research Institute