High P value Z type thermoelectric material

High Z P type thermoelectric material rack Guangdong Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd. is committed to the development and production of high performance thermoelectric materials and related products, the use of 120 DEG C and the solar thermal industry waste heat recovery.
The company has independently developed five yuan P type thermoelectric materials with high merit in simple engineering production average Z= alpha 2 / sigma kappa values equal to 4.49 * 10-3 K-1, the Z value changes between 300K~400K 5.89 * 10-3~3.43 * 10-3K-1. The average conductance Sigma =4.51 * 104, the density of =6.8g - cm-1, and the P type material at 50 DEG ~120 DEG when the heat conduction coefficient kappa = kappa e+ kappa l=0.4962 (W/m - K) ~0.6499 (W/m - K), 50% lower than the traditional commercial thermoelectric materials, Seebeck coefficient between 300K~400K is about 221 V K-1~240 V - K-1.
Material characteristics; Seebeck coefficient on the cleavage surface approximately perpendicular to C axis of 330 V - K-1, Seebeck coefficient parallel to the C axis of 180 V - K-1. The material is based on the traditional BiSbTe three P thermoelectric materials, Se and S into the two elements (Se and other elements) to form a five element alloy. The atomic radius of S is much smaller than that of Bi, Sb and Te, which causes lattice distortion and a large number of defects in the crystal. These defects play a significant role in the phonon transport in the lattice vibration, which can effectively reduce the thermal conductivity of the material and improve the thermoelectric properties of the material. S and Se greater electronegativity of the substitution of Te atoms in the material position, the formation of electron traps, which can bring in electron trapping materials caused by the electronic bound state, increase the hole concentration in the material, the material has a higher coefficient of Sebek. ZT value at 325K is as high as 1.81. If the existing production processes and equipment to improve the basic properties of the material Z value will be close to the theoretical value of 90%, that is, Z= * 5.31 * 10-3 K-1. The thermoelectric chip made of this material is more than 30% of the power generation or cooling efficiency, and the P type material has been applied in domestic and international patents (Patent No.: 201510579429.5; 14935452). material