Plate type thermoelectric generator for low taste heat source power generation

Rack of thermoelectric technology dedicated to the research and production of high performance thermoelectric materials, and manufacturing products for industrial waste heat and solar heat recovery power generation.
We have developed five P alloy thermoelectric material with high ZT value. In the simple engineering in mass production, the mean Z= alpha 2 / sigma kappa value is equal to 4.49 x 10-3 K-1, the Z value changes between 300K~400K 5.89 * 10-3~3.43 * 10-3K-1. The average conductance Sigma =4.51 * 104, the density of =6.8g - cm-1, Seebeck coefficient between 300K~400K is about 221 V - K-1~240 V - K-1. The thermal conductivity of the P material at 325K~400K = kappa e+ kappa l=0.4962 (W/m = K) ~0.6499 (W/m = K), 50% lower than the traditional commercial thermoelectric materials. The ZT value of the material at 325 K was 1.81. To sum up, the material efficiency will be 30% higher than the current commercial equipment market.
Based on our high performance thermoelectric materials, we have developed an efficient thermoelectric generator using 60 DEG C to 150 DEG C for industrial wastewater or gas power generation. In this temperature range, the thermoelectric conversion efficiency is above 8%~15%. Plate type thermoelectric generator applicable environment for low temperature heat sources; such as industrial waste heat, geothermal, solar thermal storage tank, seawater (seawater containing a large amount of low-grade energy), remote area power generation, power generation and other waste incineration. This product has applied for invention patent (Patent No.: 201510646201.3).