Development of thermoelectric material preparation technology

Development of thermoelectric material preparation technology
Thermoelectric materials can be prepared by single crystal growth process in principle, but the single crystal process requires sophisticated equipment, and the operation is complex, high cost. Therefore, thermoelectric materials are often used in practice. In general, the preparation of thermoelectric materials is a powder metallurgy method and a zone melting method. The thermoelectric materials prepared by powder metallurgy have lower thermal conductivity and higher mechanical strength, but decrease the conductivity. Relatively speaking, it is possible to use the zone melting method to prepare the material with higher conductivity, but also improve the thermal conductivity of the material.
In recent years, the mechanical alloying (MA), the mixed sintering (PIES), extrusion and spark plasma sintering (SPS) have been developed. In general, PbTe and SiGe alloys were prepared by powder metallurgy process, and Bi2Te3 and its alloys were prepared by zone melting method and hot pressing or extrusion process.
Development of thermoelectric material structure
A P column and a N column are connected by a metal plate to form a basic unit of a semiconductor thermoelectric element by doping the thermoelectric material into P type and N type semiconductor.
At present, the common structure of the cone type thermoelectric couple arm of thermoelectric, thermoelectric, coaxial ring arm of thermoelectric cascade of infinite. Cone type thermoelectric couple arm of thermoelectric of infinite cascade with studies of nano science and technology development, thermoelectric materials is one of the key countries in Europe and the full development of nano technology, whether in theoretical or experimental research has great space. Nano materials have interface and quantum confined effect is greater than the bulk material, the nano structure materials with new physical properties, and the phenomenon of the new interface, which is expected to enhance the ZT value of thermoelectric materials encountered bottleneck breakthrough improvement, so nano technology is regarded as the search for thermoelectric materials with high ZT value I hope.
Overview of thermoelectric materials industry
Thermoelectric material is a kind of functional materials can be heat and electricity conversion, provides a theoretical basis for the Seebeck effect found in 1823 and 1834 found that the Parr post effect for the application of thermoelectric energy converter and thermoelectric refrigeration. With the development of space exploration, the development of medical physics, and the increasingly serious environmental pollution and energy crisis, it is of great practical significance to carry out the research of new thermoelectric materials.