December 14, 2016 National Thermal alliance visit

The national solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance, in October 2009 to jointly promote the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of education and the SASAC of the State Council, China Federation of trade unions, the National Development Bank and other six ministries, the solar thermal industry technology innovation strategic alliance was formally established. At present, there are 11 members of the National Council of light and heat, of which there are a total of 71 enterprises, of which there are a total of 51 enterprises, research institutes and universities with a total of 9 universities.
Lei Zike is the only one in the League since the accession of low temperature waste heat power generation enterprises, by the alliance of attention, in December 14th, national solar alliance Secretariat Secretary General Liu Xiaobing, deputy secretary general Du Fengli, union reporter Dong Qingfeng came to our understanding, our heat in low temperature region in the solar power generation technology. Lin Bin, general manager of our company, sales manager Qi Xiangyun, technical engineer, and marketing director of the Department of the Ministry of finance, Mr. Wang attended the forum of exchange and interaction with the president of the association of the United States and the United States in.