Performance characteristics

99% of the solar radiant energy is concentrated in the wavelength of 200 nm to 3000 nm .In the range of 200 nm to 800 nm, ultraviolet and visible light accounts for about 58% of the total energy of the sun radiation. The infrared light accounts for about 42% of the total energy of the sun radiation in the wavelength at 800 nm to 3000 nm. For now, photoelectric material and thermoelectric materials research has made significant progress.

Solar composite plate dry power technologies is integrated thermoelectric and pjotoelectric technology at low cost, which can increase the efficiency of solar power generation over 20% and greatly reduce the cost at the same time.

Solar energy utilization is only 12-15% in a traditional photovoltaic system. About 80% of the energy is converted into heat energy, which almost all wasted. Moreover, almost all other transformation of heat energy may produce higher temperature on the solar panels power generation. The extra higher temperature makes solar panels power generation efficiency drops, so the heat dissipation problem become a big problem in the photovoltaic industry development. Solar-thermal composite wet power generation system can export excess heat generated by solar radiation transmission perfectly through the super heat transfer performance of micro heat pipe array.
On the one hand, improve the efficiency of power generation assisted with semiconductor thermoelectric power generation ;On the other hand ,the heat through conduction can be recycled to produce hot water again. The total solar radiation efficiency can reach 70%, 20% of it converted into electricity, 50% is converted into heat energy.

Compared with the traditional photovoltaic power generation system, the utilization of solar energy is only 12-15%, Solar panel power generation plate utilization is much higher and the cost is cheaper, have a larger space.