Thunder to participate in the second China Solar Thermal Power Conference

As we all know, in March this year, the twelfth session of the National People's Congress of the fourth meeting of the vote, adopted on the national economy and social development plan of the thirteenth year resolution. The resolution pointed out that it is necessary to continue to promote the development of wind power photovoltaic power generation, and actively support the thermal power generation. The plan also proposed to focus on promoting the efficient intelligent power system, including the clean and efficient use of coal, renewable energy, nuclear power, non conventional oil and gas, energy transmission channel, energy storage facilities, energy key technology and equipment of energy industries eight key projects, which mainly put forward the implementation of solar thermal power generation demonstration project. Accelerate the development of solar thermal power generation, large-scale energy storage technology. In contrast to the 12th Five-Year plan passed in 2011, which involves only a space solar thermal power, thermal power generation planning in 13th Five-Year, listed separately and highlighted, which indicates that the thermal power generation has received substantial attention in the strategy of national macro level. The draft development plan in 13th Five-Year had been the solar thermal power generation in 13th Five-Year planning and development objectives identified as 10GW, that is the end of 2020, the solar thermal power installed capacity reached 10 million kilowatts, solar thermal collector area has reached 800 million square meters of the target.


      The conference, the industry mainly for the solar system, heat transfer, heat and power generation system and a series of professional technology in-depth exchanges and discussions, and discuss some problems of solar thermal power industry and government policy and financial aspects. My company in the morning of the third day of 9:00-9:20 in power system has made the detailed product introduction, product has aroused public interest, such as the Shenzhen love Sen R & D department, Qinshan nuclear power station project manager, Beijing some universities etc..
In the thermal power generation at the beginning of the year, Congress is the brightest struggle in photothermal boulevard leading cause in the forward direction once again played the past and the future. Although the curtain falls, the industry journey.