Rack and the Guangzhou Institute of energy to carry out strategic cooperation

April 3, 2016, rack of ThermoElectron Corporation and the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Systems Laboratory of advanced energy cooperation in the development of solar thermal power.
The two sides will be in the field of top-level strategy, low temperature thermoelectric front and basic technology, personnel training and academic exchanges to carry out long-term, comprehensive and stable cooperation, and to carry out substantive cooperation in the field of solar thermal power, to provide support for the maximum utilization of clean and renewable energy.
Guangzhou Institute of energy is China's new energy and renewable energy in the field of national research institutions, mainly engaged in the field of scientific research of high technology of clean energy projects, and the subsequent energy in new energy and renewable energy as the main research direction, taking into account the development of energy saving and energy environmental technology, play an important supporting role in energy strategy.