High efficient thermoelectric generator for low-grade heat energy
Leizig Technologies of Thermoelectric devote to research and produce high performance thermoelectric material and related products to recycle heat from industrial and solar energy.
We have acquired quinary alloy P-type thermoelectric material with high ZT independent. In our simple batch production, this P type alloy has Z=α2σ/κ ranged between 5.89×10-3 and 3.43×10-3K-1 from 300K to 400K which means a average Z value 4.49×10-3 K-1 . The average electric conductivity σ is 4.51×104 S·m-1 and the density is 6.8g·cm-1. The Seebeck coefficient is 221μV·K-1 to 240μV·K-1 between 300K and 400K. Nevertheless, the thermal conductivity κ=κe+κl is as low as 0.4962 W/m·K to 0.6499 W/m·K from 325K to 400K about 50% lower than current commercial material dramatically improved ZT value to 1.81 at 325K. In view of above-mentioned dates, the cooling efficiency will be 30% higher than current commercial Peltier cooling devices.
Based on our high performance thermoelectric material, We have developed high efficient thermoelectric generator which use industrial waste water or gas between 60℃ and 150℃. The efficiency of thermoelectric conversion of this thermoelectric generator is ranged from 8% to 15% at above temperature. Our thermoelectric generator is particularly perfect for working in the places where have low temperature heat source, such as industrial waste heat, geothermal, solar thermal storage pool, the water in the sea (sea water contains a lot of energy for development), remote area power supply, garbage incineration power generation, etc. Patent NO. 201510646201.3.