Privacy clause

We are committed to provide protection when you use our website privacy, personal information and personal information (collectively referred to as the "personal data"), so that we comply with the laws and regulations related to personal data privacy in the collection, use, storage and transmission of personal data) and the highest standards of consumer protection.
To ensure that you have full confidence in our handling of personal data, you must read and understand the privacy policy. In particular, once you use our website, it will be deemed to be accepted, agreed, committed and confirmed:
You disclose your personal information to us with the necessary consent;
You will comply with all the terms and limitations of this privacy policy;
You register on our website, the information will be collected;
You agree to our privacy policy after any modification;
You agree with our branch, Affiliated Companies, employees, you may be interested in the products and services to contact you (unless you have indicated that you do not want to receive the message).
Types of data collected
With your permission, we will collect, manage and monitor personal data. In order to provide you with our services, you will need to provide the personal data and anonymous information that we consider necessary to achieve your instructions and further improve our services, including, but not limited to, the:
Personal information - your name, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, address or address, e-mail address.
Anonymous information.
The purposes and uses of the collection of personal data and information are as follows:
Through our website to provide you with our services;
When you use our website, you can identify and confirm your identity;
Allows you to use our web site to get a service for you;
Our customer service staff can contact you if necessary;
Statistics on our website usage;
Make it easier for you to use our website;
Conduct market research to improve our products, services and website content;
Collect information for our promotional activities, marketing and promotion programs;
Comply with the provisions of the law, government and regulatory authorities, including but not limited to the disclosure and notification of personal data;
Let us and our country may be in the country outside of our branch, Affiliated Companies, affiliates, employees, agents, service partners or other cooperation with the third of our products and services;
Analyze, review and review your information on our services;
Deal with any payment instructions, direct debit or credit arrangements required by you;
Allows you to operate your account so that we can withdraw from the account of the outstanding service charges;
When you visit our website, we use Google Stats to record our performance and check the effectiveness of online advertising through cookies. Cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Only when you use your computer to enter our website, Cookie can be sent to your computer hard disk.
Cookies is often used to record the habits and preferences of visitors visiting the various items on our web site. The information collected by Cookies is an anonymous collective statistics and does not contain personal data. Cookies cannot be used to obtain data on your hard disk, your email address, and your private data. When you re petition our website, you can save the registration steps again. Most browsers are designed to accept Cookies. You can choose your browser settings for not accepting Cookies, or if Cookies was just to inform you. However, if set to prohibit Cookies, you may not be able to start or use some of our web site features.
If you do not prohibit or remove cookies, each time you use the same computer into our website, our network server will inform us of your petition to our website, then we will identify the registration data and payment of your data and access your, collect relevant quantity, market research, and participate in the process. Promotion materials.
You can change the settings on the browser you use to access our web site to determine whether to accept cookie. If you want, you can change the settings on the browser. If you put your preference on the browser, so that you can accept all the cookies, received notification issued by cookies, and even can reject all cookies. However, if you choose not to cookies or reject all cookies in your browser, you may not be able to use or activate some features of our site, or there may be a need to re log your data.
Preservation of personal data and information
The personal data you provide to us and the information on which we have not been identified shall be retained only for the purpose of collection, except as otherwise provided for by the applicable laws and regulations.
Ownership and disclosure of personal data
All the information collected on our website is owned by us and will not be leased or sold to any other third party. However, personal information may be disclosed to:
Direct selling
Once you have provided us with your personal information, you may receive a phone call, email and direct communication from us or our branch. If you do not wish to receive our direct marketing and promotional materials, please write to us at the following address. We will respect your request, no longer use your personal data in direct selling activities.
Protection of personal data
Our implementation of the physical, electronic, management and technical aspects of adequate measures to protect and safeguard the security of your personal information. We do